Systea® Railing Systems – LS:
Quick, safe and economic

Systea® railing systems for balconies and loggias.

Railings for loggias with fixing at the concrete side walls for spans up to 6.0 m. Fixing on the concrete slab is not necessary. Cladding possibilities as for railing system LAE.


  • Free-spanning / self-supporting
  • Span of up to 6.0 m
  • Fixing at side walls
  • Standard lengths
  • High prefabrication grade
  • Quick and easy installation

Cladding possibilities

  • Cladding panel in-between, post visible
  • Cladding panel in front, post concealed
  • Filled with bars
  • Combination of bars and closed cladding panels
  • Combines with any cladding material


self-supporting up to 6m