KH 35 / SZ 20
Material – EN AW – 6063 T66

Substructure with system rails for the installation of cassettes made of sheet metal or aluminium composite material.

SYSTEA® KH 35 / SZ 20 consists of vertical holding tracks and U-shaped / L-shaped brackets. The horizontal system rails are pre-assembled in the cartridge on the upper and lower edge using rivets. The cartridges are then mounted using cartridge clips in the inserting system. Hereby different horizontal joint widths are possible.

The brackets form sliding and fixed points. At the sliding points, force-free installation in vertical slot holes is possible. For minimizing thermal bridges, thermostop-elements are offered for thermal separation.

Statical proof is given by SYSTEA® for each project individually.


  • S-profile 784
  • Cartridge beam 785
  • Baseboard beam
  • Cartridge clip 
  • CS-profile
  • CZ-profile
  • Window connetion beam

Holding tracks

  • Hat profil 781
  • Hat profil 35953
  • T-profil 65/50
  • T-profil 100/50


  • Standard U-brackets up to 180 mm protrusion
  • More extensive protrusions possible as custom production

L-Consoles / L-Brackets

According to your selection, the following parameters are possible:

  • thermal efficiency: A+ to A
  • fire protection classification: non-flammable
  • up to 400mm reach (possible extension up to 200mm)

> To select the L-consoles / L-brackets


  • Ventilation angles for lower facade border
  • F-profiles

KH 35 / SZ 20 (16)

Holding Tracks for cassettes of composite material