Material – EN AW – 6063 T66

Holding tracks for installation of large-size cladding panels for concealed fixing, e.g. gypsum board, aluminium panels, HPL panels.

The cladding elements are either glued (ALWI glued) or screwed in a concealed manner (ALWI for horizontally screwed siding).

ALWI consists of vertical holding tracks and brackets. The holding tracks bear the cladding panels. They are connected to the brackets with rivets or screws.

The sliding points only bear horizontal loads (wind). The fixed points bear horizontal and vertical loads (dead weight).

Each holding track has one fixed point. Optionally, the brackets have an installation help making fixing and holding of the holding track possible.

For minimizing thermal bridges, thermostop-elements are offered for thermal separation.

Holding Tracks

  • Angles 40/50, 40/60, 42/50, 45/45 or 70/50 for center holding of cladding panels
  • T-profiles for vertical butt joint, T 40/55, T 40/70, T 65/50, T 80/50, T 100/50, T 110/45, T 110/170, T 120/50 and T 160/50

Consoles / Brackets

According to your selection, the following parameters are possible:

  • thermal efficiency: A+ to A
  • fire protection classification: non-flammable
  • up to 400mm reach (possible extension up to 200mm)

> To select the consoles / brackets


  • Outer corner profiles, angular
  • Ventilation angles for lower facade border
  • Water stem profiles

ALWI (03)

Holding Tracks for horizontally fixed siding (screwed in a concealed manner)




ALWI (08)

Holding Tracks for glued-on wall panels