Systea® Holding Tracks:
Systems for concealed fixing of claddings

We offer many different systems for concealed fixing of wall panels.

All systems can be used for all types of materials. With these holding tracks, we can fix all types of laminated hardboards (HPL), gypsum boards (Eternit), ceramics (Buchtal), stoneware, natural stone, glass and metal sheets.

There are many different types of concealed mounting, namely gluing, the covered mechanical fastening on the reverse side, in the panel groove or with riveted system rails.

For glue fixing, we offer system ALWI – for fixing on site, and system UBEKA – for fixing during pre-assembly.

Systems UBE 25 und UBE 25Tergo were developed for concealed mechanical fixing. System UBEKA is also a system for concealed mechanical fixing. The system is easy to assemble and disassemble and able to bear several wall panels on one holding track.

The TC110 system in different variations (TC110 for NBK, TC110 for ArGeTon® / Moeding) is completely revisable and fasten different facade panels in the panel groove.

The KH 35 / SZ 20 is a system for the concealed mounting of composite panels with system rails in the head and base ridge of the cartridge.

In system KU 35 NVA / VA the composite cartridges are suspended on adjustable sliders using bolts or internal beams.

The ALWI for Buchtal KeraTwin® K20 system is a system whereby a vertical beam is mounted using a hook. The ceramic panels are suspended in the groove of this beam.